VSS-2090 – Foldable X-Wing SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas

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The VSS-2090-10 and VSS-2090-11 series “X-Wing” foldable SATCOM-On-The-Move antennas benefit from foldable elements which can be quickly deployed when needed. The VSS-2090-10 and VSS-2090-10S are dual-mode UHF Line-of-Sight (LOS) and UHF SATCOM antennas that are ideal for SATCOM On-The-Move operations. The LOS antenna can be used for communicating with satellites that are low on the horizon. Both can be used with most tactical Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Receivers (MBMMR), as well as all airborne and ground transceivers that accept a 50 ohm antenna impedance.
The VSS-2090-11 and VSS-2090-11S series “X-Wing” foldable SATCOM-On-The-Move antennas are designed as “multi-mission” antennas via manpack (rucksack), vehicular or shipboard. The in-cluded monopod or tripod can be used for rucksack applications, while the supplied magnetic mount can be used for shipboard or vehicular applications.


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