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New Books By Special Forces Veteran and Security Expert Offer Instructional and Practical Guidelines for Operating Firearms and Military Weaponry


‘Practical Guide to the Operational Use of the M203 Grenade Launcher’ and ‘Glock Handbook: An Operational Guide to the Glock Handgun’ are two of the many newly released titles of firearm handbooks and instructional manuals by author Erik Lawrence.


Philippi, WV, March XX, 2015 – Former Green Beret and Vigilant Security Services, LLC founder Erik Lawrence has released twenty-six books on operational use and instructional guidelines for an array of firearms including handguns, grenade launchers, rifles, and submachine guns. The books are divided into two series: twenty titles dedicated to operational use for classroom instruction and instructor training, and six titles—handbooks— that serve as user reference guides for use during training and practice. Lawrence also has a handful of other titles available including, ‘Everyday Protection for Everyday People 2,’ ‘AR-10 Rifle Owner’s Manual,’ ‘Bolt Action Rifle Owner’s Manual,’ and ‘The AR-15 Assembly Guide and Service Manual.’


Intended as both reference guides for users and training material for instructors, these books offer the fundamentals of firearm education in a comprehensive format. Lawrence provides introduction, description and background details for each firearm, and shares his expert knowledge on safety measures, marksmanship, weapon handling, cleaning and maintenance, assemblage, firing positions, malfunction assessment, and training tips.


In addition to Lawrence’s well-written and well-organized text, the manuals also include color photos, charts, tables, and diagrams. These elements further illustrate the specifics of the components of each firearm, ammunition types, maintenance procedures, use and operation, and performance problems. Appendices also accompany most titles, providing details about ammunition and ballistics, as well as manufacturer markings and munitions packaging markings. “These books provide insight into weapons systems that is not usually taught at the more basic schools,” says Lawrence. “A lot of these manuals and handbooks are used as basic knowledge for academies and military units throughout the United States.”


Lawrence’s books cover an impressive list of firearms and weaponry including: the SVD sniper rifle; the Beretta, Makarov, and Tokarev pistols; the AK47 rifle; the Remington 870 shotgun; and the RPG-7 grenade launcher. His motivation to write these books was based on the lack of access to updated, current manuals as well as his desire to share the wealth of knowledge that he developed during his ten years in Special Forces with the U.S. Army and through years of perfecting his own training systems.


“Many of the old military field manuals are decades old and outdated,” says Lawrence. “Most people who own or are issued these weapons don’t understand the core base of knowledge needed to operate them safely. I want to pass on the knowledge that I learned as a Green Beret and as an operator of a firearms training facility.”


The books in these series are published in eBook format by and are now available at popular online retailers including,, and Apple’s iBookstore.


Review copies of Lawrence’s books are available to media contacts upon request. Author Erik Lawrence is available for interviews.



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About Erik Lawrence

The author of over twenty-five books on tactics and firearms, Erik Lawrence is the Managing Member of Vigilant Security Service, LLC. Lawrence served over ten years in the U.S. Army Special Forces and was previously the Managing Member for Blackheart International, LLC and Mid-Atlantic Training Resources.


Lawrence was a team member, sniper, and instructor on Special Forces Close Quarter Battle teams operating in numerous theaters of operation. Since leaving the military, Lawrence has worked as an instructor and security professional to government agencies and private companies throughout the GWOT.



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